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Graded Introduction to mapconcat, org-mode chaining

I had trouble getting(understanding) the org-mode page about chaining an emacs-lisp source block to a graphviz dot sourceblock. One of the reasons for my trouble was mapconcat. Mapconcat made sense to me after seeing 'dolist' examples in a Japanese book by Rubykitch(るびきち).

After working with I.A. Richards's textbook English Through Pictures(EP) and teaching method Graded Direct Method(GDM) I think it's possible to discover a similar graded way of learning emacs-lisp programming.

If English Through Pictures gets started with the comparison or I-You, how should Emacs Through Examples get started? I'd love to see a deep, simple way of getting into emacs, org-mode and emacs-lisp. I think it can be done with inspiration from EP, Schemer's Guide, and The Little Schemer. Another Page that should come earlier than this one. My purpose is to make it possible for everyone to develop ideas like I did on this page where a drawing is transformed into a graph for further exploration and translation.


3 years, 1 month ago

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