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org-mode for understanding pollution

This is an early attempt to apply Reproducible Research techniques with emacs org-mode source blocks to explore the mechanism of mining contamination. With Inkscape I tried to put everything needed to follow the transitions from table to emacs-lisp to dot code in order to get a graph similar to the drawing. I would like to see people learn by 'personalizing'(Edward Tufte) the graph with alternative reading, additional edges(links) and better names for the edges and nodes.

The original hand-drawn picture is from Kazuyuki Kawahara's drawing as he worked with arsenic mine victims in Toroku, Takachiho, Japan. 土呂久に学ぶ


2 years, 1 month ago

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mining · pollution · Japan · Miyazaki · Asia Arsenic Network · emacs · lisp · graphviz dot

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